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We work closely with our global community of partners and facilitators to deliver programs that are able to match the scale our clients require at a consistent quality.
Our Program Directors manage engagements with clients from the first design meeting to the output report and ongoing support.

In 1982 Anthony Willoughby went on his first journey to the highlands of Papua New Guinea to stay with the Chimbu Tribe. There, Anthony discovered how important a territory is to the tribe and its leaders, and how a map can provide power and clarity into different cultures and debates. Anthony has decades of experience building teams in Asia; he opened the first outdoor team-building and leadership development companies in Japan in 1988 and in China in 1994. Anthony is now based in the UK – making regular trips to Africa and Europe, delivering programs and expeditions for individuals, and spreading the word about Nomadic School of Business. Watch Anthony’s TEDx talk

Anthony Willoughby
UK Based

Josie Stoker
South-East Asia Based

Josie Stoker strives to discover why it is that nomadic communities can thrive in some of the world’s harshest and unpredictable environments – and what modern-day teams can learn from these people. Born and raised in Britain, Josie left London on the evening of her graduation ceremony to live in Kuala Lumpur, and has been working in Asia for 5 years. Packing-in experiences of multiple sectors and cultures, Josie felt something was missing from modern business culture – inspiring her to Co-Found the Nomadic School of Business in Mongolia in 2015. Today, Josie designs and delivers programs to our corporate clients, and has worked with organisations including Ogilvy, AXA, Mars-Wrigley, AIA, Wagner Asia, Ferrari, JLL and The Asia Foundation. Watch Josie’s Bloomberg interview

Our Delivery Partners come from coaching and organizational development backgrounds, and support engagements as our clients require.
We are always looking for curious, courageous partners, who would like to help spread the message about our work and support the delivery of incredible programs across the world. Please get in touch with us via email to find out more about current opportunities.

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