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Migration Readiness
Our signature 3-day program to align on a plan that your team understands, owns and delivers.

Duration: 3 Day

Location: Facilities of your choice

Facilitator: 1 NSB Program Director

Recommended number of attendees: 18 – 25, with ideally diverse roles and responsibilities

Our signature 3 day + 6 month support migration program brings over 25 years of experience across multiple sectors to combine what we have found most successful for our clients into a highly impactful program. Facilitated in the boardroom or as part of an immersive experience, you will introduce your team to a completely fresh way of looking at their business.
We can work horizontally to bring together senior leaders and/or C-Suite,
or vertically with a specific division or team.

Results and Outcomes:

What you and your team walk away with:

A visual ‘migration plan’, combined with clear goals and actions

Aligned and prioritized challenges and opportunities

A clear understanding of the future

A cascading pack for each attendee, including training for their own workshop

Meaningful interaction with your purpose and values, or a set developed by you

Results achieved after 6 months:




Specific improvement initiatives driven by the team

When should I do this with my team?

If you are new to your team, ideally 60+ days into your role

If your team has gone through a difficult time; such as layoffs/resignations, increasing pressure from competitors

If you have recently merged or integrated with another team

Or if you want to:

Empower your team to take initiative and be accountable for the success of your organization

Inspire and re-invigorate your team, bonding them with a life-changing experience

Reward and recognize the contribution of your team

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